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RtopR【Official Store】Mango Soft Nourishing Foot Mask Foot Care Products

RtopR【Official Store】Mango Soft Nourishing Foot Mask Foot Care Products

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Slogan: Effortlessly Remove Calluses, Deeply Nourish, for Silky Soft Feet, Foot Care Products

Net Wt: 1.34fl oz/40ml


Infused with abundant fruit acids, lactic acid, and mango plant extracts, this foot mask effectively softens calluses and removes old dead skin cells and impurities from your feet. Simultaneously, a blend of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients works to make your skin supple, smooth, and velvety, preventing roughness, dryness, and cracking, leaving your feet increasingly soft. Whether you have tired feet or dry, rough skin on your soles, the Mango Nourishing Foot Mask provides a comforting care experience, revitalizing the health and radiance of your feet.


Mango Fruit Extract: Enriched with the nutritional elements of mango, it softens calluses and eliminates old dead skin cells, making the skin on your feet smoother and more tender.
Papaya Extract: Contains abundant enzymes and natural fruit acids, gently removing dead skin cells and deeply cleansing the skin on your feet.
Aloe Vera Extract: Possesses moisturizing and soothing properties, nourishing the skin on your feet and alleviating dryness and discomfort.
Bamboo Shoot Extract: Rich in various nutrients, it has nourishing and repairing effects, making the skin on your feet softer and more delicate.
Luffa Extract: Packed with vitamins and minerals, it promotes the metabolism of the skin on your feet and improves rough conditions.


  1. Recommend to use hot water soak your feet or after the  bathing, the effect will be better.
  2. Firstly spread the essence in the bag and flatten evenly, then cut the mouth of the bag and take out the foot mask, put on the bare foot (like wearing socks).
  3. Put tight socks on the outside, so that the essence of the foot membrane close to the skin(45-60 minutes).

       4. After 45-60 minutes, take off the membrane and rinse your feet with water(at this             time, the feet are unresponsive).

  1. Wait patiently for 4-7 days, then there will be a small peeling of the foot(you can wash your feet properly during this period).
  2. After starting peeling, soak your feet in hot water for 30 minutes at night it's better to soak your feet every day,this can speed up dead skin metabolism and make peeling faster.
  3. This product will not hurt the new skin,the thick skin of the foot and the old man can be used continuously until it is removed,the use interval is once every 3 days.


If you are sensitive skin, please do some skin sensitivity tests before using, no stimulation after testing, then you can use it.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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