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Seize the opportunity to become a part of RtopR's ongoing success story. Partnering with a brand that embodies excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment, let's join forces to create brilliance together!

Brand Story:

RtopR - The Beautiful Choice of Southeast Asia

Founded in 2017 within the NiQianYa Group in Jiangsu, China, RtopR has now emerged as a skincare powerhouse in the Southeast Asian region.

RtopR Embraces the Philosophy of Authentic Confidence
"Real is top rarity."

We are committed to assisting every woman in discovering their unique radiance and embracing a more confident version of themselves.

With over 60 market-leading products and more than 150 intellectual property rights, RtopR is consistently innovating and upgrading. Our products have not only found success in Europe and America but have also gained immense popularity in Southeast Asia. We proudly stand as a top-selling brand on platforms like LAZADA and Shopee, consistently ranking among the platform's bestsellers.

The questions you care about:

1. Product reliability

RtopR has always prioritized product quality, recognizing the significance of healthy skin for every user. Our products are derived from plant essences, consisting of pure, natural, and healthy ingredients. Each formulation of RtopR products undergoes meticulous research and development, subjected to rigorous testing to ensure gentleness and comfort. Our products are non-irritating, non-dependent, and free from any hormonal components. Whether for males or females, youthful or mature skin, RtopR can be used with confidence. RtopR is dedicated to nurturing the skin and well-being of every user.

2. Product Safety Qualifications

RtopR products undergo strict certification to ensure compliance with import and sales standards in Southeast Asian countries. We not only possess testing certifications from internationally renowned organization SGS but also have obtained authoritative certifications such as FDA, MSDS, BPOM, and more. These certifications not only attest to the quality of our products but also represent our commitment to consumer health and safety. Throughout our collaboration, you can focus on sales with peace of mind.

3. Brand Recognition and Reputation

RtopR offers a portfolio of over 60 high-quality products that span various categories including cosmetics, lip and oral care, hair mask treatment, facial care, body care, hand and foot care, as well as eye care. Our commitment to excellence, relentless innovation, and customer satisfaction has not only shaped our brand reputation but has also positioned us as a significant influence with undeniable market recognition. Particularly in Southeast Asia, RtopR is trusted and highly regarded, with products endorsed by numerous prominent influencers on social media platforms. Our products consistently lead in cumulative sales on platforms such as LAZADA and Shopee, establishing us as a top-selling brand. Through collaboration with RtopR, you will be joining a brand that resonates with diverse consumers worldwide, transcending borders.

4. Price and Profit

We are committed to ensuring that you receive competitive prices while also achieving substantial profits. We rigorously control product pricing to create a stable and reliable profit return for you. We continuously monitor market trends and implement reasonable pricing strategies to keep you competitive in the market. Additionally, we actively listen to your suggestions and feedback to better meet your needs, safeguard your profit margins, and ensure your long-term success in the market.

5. Sales Support and Channel Protection

① Training and Support: We provide agents with training in product knowledge, sales techniques, market trends, and more to ensure effective promotion and sales. Additionally, we offer ongoing sales support, answer inquiries, and help agents address challenges.
② Marketing Materials: We supply agents with necessary marketing materials such as image packages, product specifications, and videos, enabling them to effectively convey product information during promotion.
③ Pricing Strategy: We establish clear pricing strategies to protect agents' profit margins and prevent adverse effects from price wars.
④ Contract Safeguard: We establish well-defined agency contracts that outline the rights and obligations of both parties, including sales targets, after-sales services, return policies, ensuring transparency and stability in the partnership.
⑤ Market Monitoring and Feedback: We regularly conduct market monitoring to understand product performance and consumer feedback, enabling timely adjustments to sales strategies to meet market demands.
⑥ Sales Incentives: We implement sales incentive mechanisms, such as providing sales rewards and preferential policies, to motivate agents to actively drive product sales.

6. Supply Stability

Ensuring supply stability is a core commitment of our brand. We understand that the support of our agents and partners is crucial for the success of our business, and supply stability is a key factor. That's why we have our own modern production facility equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Every step, from raw material procurement to finished product output, undergoes stringent control and supervision to ensure product quality and reliable supply.

7. Delivery Time

For our partners located in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia, we have local warehouses to support you. Once you arrange shipment as usual, it usually takes around 3-5 days for delivery. For other countries or in cases where local warehouse stock is insufficient, we will ship from our central warehouse in China. Under normal circumstances, you can expect to receive your goods within 7-15 working days. We are committed to ensuring that your orders are delivered promptly and accurately. Regardless of the time or place, our team will go above and beyond to provide you with top-quality logistics services to meet your needs.

8. After-Sales Service

Providing excellent after-sales service is our responsibility and commitment. If you encounter any issues upon receiving the products, please contact us immediately. We will respond to your inquiries promptly, listen to your concerns, and assist in resolving them. In case the products are damaged during transportation, we will arrange for replacement or refund promptly, ensuring you do not incur any losses. If you find any missing items in your order, we will swiftly resend the omitted items to ensure you receive a complete order as soon as possible. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services, and if you are dissatisfied with our solutions, we will communicate and make adjustments tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

9. Innovation and New Products

Our brand embraces innovation, and since its inception, RtopR has maintained a passion for continuous research and development, as well as the introduction of innovative products. Our innovation is not only reflected in our diverse product line but also in ongoing upgrades and updates. We delve into the latest skincare technologies and strive to develop skincare solutions that cater to diverse needs. Whether it's for emerging market demands or enhancing user experiences, we make constant efforts to infuse innovation into every detail of our products.

The insights and suggestions from our partners play a crucial role in our growth. We are committed to actively listening to the valuable input of our partners, enabling us to continuously improve and optimize. Partner feedback serves as inspiration and drives our progress, helping us push boundaries and provide superior, more satisfying products and services.

10. Ordering and Settlement

We have set a minimum order quantity per carton to ensure you can fully enjoy a diverse range of product combinations. Our product line is diverse, catering to various needs and providing you with greater convenience.
We operate on a full payment basis. Once we confirm receipt of your payment, we will promptly arrange for shipping to ensure the smooth delivery of your order.

While RtopR has achieved significant success, our journey is far from over. We are actively seeking partners to further expand our market presence. This is an opportunity for you to join a brand that is poised for exponential growth.
No matter when or where, if you have any questions or need detailed information, please feel free to reach out to us! Our team is ready and available to provide comprehensive assistance and support.

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Thank you for your interest and support in RtopR. We look forward to engaging with you!


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