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RtopR Slimming Cream


When using RtopR Slimming Cream, different parts need different massage techniques. In principle, it is usually massage from the position far from the heart to the position close to the heart, from bottom to top, and from the inside to the outside.

For abdomen: apply the slimming cream evenly on the abdomen, then massage gently in a clockwise direction until the product is fully absorbed. When massaging in circular motions, you can also tap the skin of the abdomen with the palms of both hands to speed up blood circulation and help the skin absorb the active ingredients.

For legs: Put your feet up first and apply the slimming cream to your thighs. Put your thumbs on your thighs, put pressure on your thumbs, and squeeze your other fingers, swiping in the direction of your thumbs. Repeat this movement from the thigh to the knee.



Generally, slimming creams start working within minutes of application and can last for hours. Some brands of slimming creams do not have any body sensation due to different ingredients and effects. The use of some slimming creams is local fever, and the effect is mainly local fat burning. The heating principle is chili extract or caffeine. The former is more irritating and prone to allergies, while the latter is milder and more effective. There are also body sensations that are icy, and most of these effects are mainly to tighten the skin, which has a strong tightening and firming effect on the skin. If you experience discomfort or local irritation during use, stop using it immediately.

Best time to use

  1. When you get up in the morning, it is the time when the body's functions are the most vigorous, and the metabolism rate is relatively fast. Take a hot bath before going out, and then apply a slimming cream in a massage way, which can make the slimming effect more effective.
  2.  After returning home in the evening, if you do a full body massage after bathing while your body is still hot, and focus on massaging the parts that need to be slimmed down, such as upper arms, waist and abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., it can speed up blood circulation and metabolism. Then apply the slimming cream, which can make the slimming effect more obvious, and it is not easy to rebound.
  3. During exercise, the body's metabolism is accelerated, and the fat globules in the body's skin will become smaller. Therefore, apply a layer of slimming cream before exercising, so that the body can quickly and thoroughly absorb the active ingredients in the slimming cream, so as to lose weight The effect is on full display.


  1. Before using the slimming cream, it is best to use the mild ourzi body scrub to remove excess cutin and dead skin to ensure that the firming ingredients in the product achieve the best effect. But be careful not to use scrubs on delicate areas such as the breasts, and if there is inflammation or scarring on the skin, avoid using them, and use them up to twice a week.
  2. It is often necessary to remove body hair in summer. Before and after using depilatory cream or razor, it is not suitable to use slimming products, otherwise it is easy to cause allergies, and it is also not suitable for red, swollen and injured vulnerable parts.


Product advantages

It does not rebound, because the slimming cream also plays a role in tightening the skin while burning fat. When our skin is taut, do you think fat can still accumulate under the skin?