You overlooked the main points of summer skin care

You overlooked the main points of summer skin care

Most fairies believe that the focus of summer skin care is whitening, sun protection and oil control, thinking that moisturizing is a matter of autumn and winter. No! In fact, in summer, it is also very important to moisturize the skin, because our skin is "exposed" under the scorching sun from time to time, "drained" in the air-conditioning room, and gradually becomes dry.
If you don’t use sunscreen and oil control in summer, it will cause many skin problems.

1. Dull skin

In summer, the weather is hot and ultraviolet rays are strong, and the lack of water in the skin will cause the skin's self-healing ability to drop significantly, and the skin cells will accelerate aging. The metabolism of the entire skin slows down, and the melanin on the surface cannot be quickly decomposed, resulting in dull and dull skin, and it is easy to grow pigment spots over time.

2. Skin allergies

In summer, the weather is hot, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and the lack of water on the skin causes the dirt on the skin to be unable to be effectively eliminated. If it accumulates for a long time, it may cause skin allergies. The lack of water in the skin will also weaken the barrier function of the stratum corneum and make the skin fragile, which can also cause allergic symptoms if you are not careful.

3, clogged pores, acne

In summer, when the skin becomes dry due to lack of water, the sebaceous glands will actively secrete more high-quality oil to help. Excessive oil will also block the pores, making the waste of the aging horny skin unable to be removed smoothly, resulting in acne, closed mouth, etc. series of questions.

4. Wrinkles

When the skin is dehydrated in summer, the dermis lacks nutrients and the epidermis loses its water-locking ability, which damages the collagen elastic fibers in the skin, and in severe cases, accelerates the loss, makes the skin lose its elasticity, sagging, and even wrinkles. The phenomenon.
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