Winter skin care tips

Winter skin care tips

What skin problems are prone to occur in winter?

(1) Sensitive redness
In winter, the climate is dry, and the indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature gap is large, which can easily cause skin discomfort and redness.
(2) Eye problems are more obvious
Eye skin has always been the most vulnerable area, and the problems caused by external stimuli will be more obvious. Therefore, in winter, the most important maintenance part of the face is the eye area.
(3) It is easier to turn black in winter
In winter, the skin's ability to regulate becomes worse and it is more sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Some dirt in life is deposited on the surface of the skin, which is one of the important reasons for dull skin.
(4) dry skin
Due to the influence of climate, the skin lacks water, and the water-holding ability is not good. When the skin is severely dehydrated, the adjustment ability of the stratum corneum will decline.

Wrong habits can damage the skin

(1) No need to wear sunscreen in winter
Sunscreen protects against UV rays, not sunlight, so you need to wear it year-round.
(2) Apply mask every day
In winter, because my skin is very dry, I apply it every day. This will easily make the skin overhydrated and cause skin sensitivity. Skin care products in winter are not as oily as possible. Skin care products are not as oily as they are moisturizing. Skin care products that are too oily are prone to acne and acne. You should choose suitable products according to your skin type.
(3) Put the mask in hot water in winter
In fact, putting many facial masks in hot water will cause the mask to deteriorate, not only has no effect, but may also be counterproductive.
(4) Wash the eyes vigorously
Sometimes the eyes are dry and itchy or the eye makeup is not removed. When washing the face, rub it vigorously. Because the skin around the eyes is sensitive, it is best to gently press and wash with your fingers. In addition, it should be noted that when cleaning the skin around the eyes, strong alkaline soap or facial cleanser cannot be used.

How to clean your skin in winter?

(1) The most suitable water temperature is around 34°C
When the water temperature exceeds the normal body temperature of the human body, the facial pores will expand, and a large amount of sebum will be washed away, causing the skin to become dry. Washing your face with cold water will cause the skin to be suddenly stimulated by the cold, causing the pores to shrink, which will eventually lead to enlarged pores and acne and other problems.
(2) The pH value of cleansing products is between 5.5-7
It is best to choose a mild, mildly acidic facial cleanser that is less irritating to the skin. Sensitive skin should avoid using irritating ingredients when cleaning the face.
(3) Complete the skin care within 3 minutes after washing the face
Within 3 minutes after washing your face, your skin is the most soft and delicate, and your pores are open. At this time, the skin care effect is the best, and the nutrients in skin care products can be better absorbed.
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