Why insist on skin management?

Why insist on skin management?

The meaning of skin care

The skin renewal cycle is about 28 days
The skin is divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat. Among them, the epidermis is divided into basal layer, spinous layer, granular layer, transparent layer, and stratum corneum.
Among them, the skin growth cycle is about 28 days. It is 28 days before the age of 20, and it is 45 days after the age of 30. The growth cycle will become longer as the skin ages. It takes 14 days for keratinocytes to grow from the basal layer to the granular layer, and it takes another 14 days to grow to the stratum corneum and fall off.
Skin management also needs to follow the skin's 28-day growth cycle, and slowly replace damaged cells and pigment cells. Therefore, skin management needs to be done persistently, not once or twice skin management can fundamentally solve skin problems.

What happens when the skin is dehydrated?

1. The skin surface lacks water for 10 days

Lack of water can reach the stratum corneum, and there will be a tight feeling after cleansing without applying skin care products for 5 minutes.

2. Water shortage for 10-18 days

The lack of water can reach the granular layer. After cleansing the face without applying skin care products for 5 minutes, there will be a tight feeling and a tingling sensation when patted with water and milk.

3. Water shortage for 18-28 days

Lack of water can touch the thorny layer. After washing the face, rub skin care products for 5 minutes and feel tightness. After applying water and milk, there will be tingling and itching, pseudo-wrinkles, and facial flushing.

Skin allergy how to do?

1. Moisturizing, strengthening skin protection

To alleviate dry skin during the spring sensitive period, it is necessary to do a good job of replenishing water; you can do simple spa to solve the problem of dry skin and improve skin metabolism.

2. Do a good job of protection and isolation, away from allergens

Potential allergens in the air, such as pollen, animal and plant dust increase, and at this time the skin barrier is weaker, the immune system is active, and the skin allergy rate increases.

3. Maintain good living habits and light diet

Staying up late, lack of sleep, and excessive stress can cause endocrine disorders, and the skin will become dry, lose luster and immunity.
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