Why do we need to adjust internally in time for freckle removal?

Why do we need to adjust internally in time for freckle removal?

Topical smear products are mainly aimed at lightening existing spots and preventing new spots. They can give skin vitality, block pigmentation, promote spot metabolism and fall off, and play a role in lightening spots and brightening.
When the skin is oxidized and glycosylated, or is frequently exposed to the sun and free radicals, it is more difficult to recover. Relying solely on external products will prolong the repair time, and the ability of cell regeneration is reduced, and the improvement effect will also be reduced. Will be greatly discounted. In this case, it is extremely important to carry out internal regulation of anti-oxidation, scavenge excess free radicals, and promote collagen regeneration in a timely manner.

How to judge whether internal adjustment is needed?

If you insist on using the effective products externally for one or two cycles, and you don’t see any obvious improvement, it means that the skin has a high degree of oxidation and excessive free radicals, and you need to cooperate with internal regulation to fight wrinkles in time.
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