Why do skin care products like to add peptides as an ingredient?

Why do skin care products like to add peptides as an ingredient?
1. Because it is moisturizing (strong water lock)
The free amino acids in the small molecule peptides are an important part of the natural moisturizing factor and have strong water-locking properties. The peptide contains a large number of hydrophilic genes on the surface of the molecular three-dimensional structure, which can absorb a large amount of water and form a film on the skin surface, which has a good moisturizing type for the skin.
2. Because it repairs cells
Small molecule peptides can directly penetrate into the skin surface, can directly repair degenerated cells, remove free radicals, reduce damage to fibroblasts and collagen, and avoid excessive cross-linking of skin collagen. Small molecule peptides also have anti-inflammatory and skin-renewing properties.
3. Because it is anti-aging and anti-wrinkle
The generation of wrinkles and fine lines is related to the loss of collagen. Peptides can directly penetrate into the dermis of the skin to activate fibroblasts, enhance their ability to synthesize collagen, restructure the skin fibrous tissue, restore skin elasticity and moisturization, and make the skin more radiant. Delicate and smooth, wrinkles are stretched, texture and transparency are presented, and skin aging is effectively prevented.
4. Because it is rich in nutrients
Small molecule peptides have strong penetration into the skin, and can combine with the epithelial tissue through the stratum corneum, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, enhance the activity of collagen in the skin, maintain the moisture of the stratum corneum and the integrity of the fiber structure, and enhance blood circulation. Cells provide nutrients to nourish the skin.
5. Because it whitens spots
The small molecule peptide itself contains a considerable amount of sulfur amino groups, and also contains bioinhibitory factors, which inhibit the activity of aminidase by capturing the copper ions in the sulfur amino acid plum, thereby reducing the amount of melanin formation; in addition, small molecule peptides also Contains factors that lighten pigment. Small molecule peptides not only have the dual functions of blocking and diluting, but also have the characteristics of whitening the skin and not rebounding.

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