Why are there spots?

Why are there spots?
Why are there spots?
The reason is that due to the lack of water in the deep layer of the skin, the metabolism becomes poor, and the pigment deposited in the deep layer of the skin (the residual melanin caused by the burn of the skin layer when resisting ultraviolet rays) cannot be metabolized normally, which will cause the skin to become dull and sunburn. freckles, etc.
How do spots form?
1. Metabolic function slows down, and melanin cannot be excreted normally
2, the accumulation of damage to the skin by sunlight
3. Irregular daily work and rest, endocrine disorders
4. Genetic problems, usually manifested as natural freckles
How can spots be removed?
1. Be sure to pay attention to hydration, mask, isolation and sun protection
2. Pay attention to vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation
3. Pay attention to sleep and cleansing, and you must remove makeup every day before going to bed
4. According to the position of your own spots, use safe and secure skin care products inside and outside

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