What's the difference between a wet compress and a mask?

What's the difference between a wet compress and a mask?

1. Use different effects

The most important effect of wet compress is to quickly replenish water, soften cutin and promote better absorption of skin care products. Masks are more effective for personal skin problems. You can choose masks with different functions such as whitening, anti-aging, cleaning and moisturizing, soothing, and acne removal.

2. Suitable for different groups of people

Wet packs are first-aid skin care, suitable for sisters who need to replenish water quickly or are traveling and about to make up. Wet compresses before makeup can make the makeup more docile, and after travel and exposure to the sun, wet compresses can quickly replenish water, soothe and calm.
Applying a mask is a daily skin care, suitable for use when you want to improve skin problems in a targeted manner, and the effect is good when you use it before going to bed and after bathing. Wet compress and mask can be used together for better effect.

3. Different methods of use

The wet compress can be applied every day, and there is no need to wash it after application, and it is about 5-10 minutes each time.
Apply the mask 2-3 times a week, wash after applying, and apply for about 15 minutes each time.
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