What you should know about eye mask?

What you should know about eye mask?

It is not deniable that eye masks are an indispensable remedy for rejuvenation after a long and splendid night out, since they target puffiness, dark circles, dry skin, and fine lines around the eyes. 

What are eye masks?

Eye masks, also called under-eye masks, are skin care products applied onto your under-eyes, which usually is an emergent recipe for skin crisis under-eye. They typically look like comma-shaped patches, loaded with beneficial, lightweight but potent serums packed with innovative ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which you place on the periorbital area. 

Why do we need them?

Use an eye mask when puffiness, dark circles, crows feet are bothering you especially after a late stay-up. It can replenish moisture in a short time, eliminate puffiness and dark circles, and bring your skin under eye back to life. Using an eye cream will do the job on a day-to-day basis but an eye mask will provide an instant boost of hydration, soothing ingredients and have a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin surrounding your peepers. So in addition to using eye gel and eye cream, you might as well use an eye mask 1~2 times a week. And in the meantime, the eye mask can combat eye wrinkles caused by aging.


How to use them?

Once cleansed, you’ll remove the clear film usually attached to the masks, and apply them to the skin around the eye. 

Below are several tips for you to keep in mind:

  1. Whether it is an eye mask or a facial mask, makesure to thoroughly clean the skinbefore apply, or at least remove the cosmetics. Otherwise, the oil and dirt on the face will block the pores, and the nutrients of the eye mask cannot reach the inner layer of the skin, which will finally lead some skin problems.
  2. Before applying them onto your under-eyes, she suggests making sure any eye makeup is removed from your face.Before applying the mask, put around the eyes a hot towel to help open the pores, relax the muscles. This will facilitate the absorption of nutrients of the eye mask into the skin. 
  3. Usean eye cream to lock both moisture and the nourishing ingredients in the masks after finishing applying the mask.
  4. Refrigeration of eye mask can effectively help boost the performance in removal of puffiness and dark circles.
  5. Eye mask should be kept on generally for 15 to 20 minutes, especially the one made of non-woven fabric which is particularly easy to dry. Irritation might occur when you leave it on longer than advised time.
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