What you need to know about depilatory cream

What you need to know about depilatory cream

Hair removal cream is a chemical preparation, which uses chemicals to dissolve hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. It is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but their skin is not prone to allergy. The main component of depilatory cream is mercaptoacetic acid (calcium), which must be patched before use.


Depilatory cream uses chemicals to dissolve hair structure to achieve the purpose of depilation. The main component of this preparation is mercaptoacetic acid (calcium). Suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not easily allergic.

Matters needing attention

Skin sensitivity is different in different parts of the body. For example, the face (especially lips) and pudendum are very sensitive areas. Therefore, depilatory cream that is ok on the arm does not necessarily mean that it is ok on other parts.

Patch test must be done before use. When patch test, it must be tested at multiple parts to avoid accidents.

Applicable object

The sensitivity of each person's skin is different.

Therefore, depilatory cream that others can use without problem does not necessarily mean that they can use it without problem.

When choosing depilatory cream, other people's opinions can only be used as a reference, so you must choose and try it out by yourself.

Pregnant women had better not use depilatory cream.

Attention to use

  1. For the part with long hair, cut it to about 1cm with small scissors before depilation.
  2. Depilatory cream should not be used for damaged skin and wound parts.
  3. After using depilatory cream, be sure to exhaust the air in the pipe and tighten the cover to prevent the paste from oxidizing.
  4. Use your face and bikini (private parts) with caution.

After using depilatory cream, if skin discomfort occurs, please consult a doctor immediately so as to get treatment and assistance in the first time.

Adverse reaction

Skin allergy

Depilatory cream can be used to deal with fine and soft body hair, and can quickly remove large areas of hair. However, this method does not damage hair follicles, so the duration is not long, and it will grow again in about three days. The chemical components of depilatory cream are irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, allergy and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution. Depilatory cream stays in the skin for a long time. If the skin is easy to be allergic, or buy a bad brand, or use it excessively, it is easy to cause redness and allergy.

Thickening of hair

Using depilatory cream is easy to leave half of the residual hair, leaving thick hair shaft. Because of the cross section, it will look thick and black. Hair breaks and is buried in the skin, which will form an embedded hair and cannot grow normally. A small part of the epidermis or hair follicles are injured due to hair removal, and pores are blocked when the skin heals, which will also cause hair embedding. The appearance of embedded hair is like goose bumps. As a result of burying hair on the body, it will cause irregular inflammatory reaction and pigment scar, which usually needs to be solved by picking out the buried hair surgically.


Those who are allergic to hair removal cream should not try drug hair removal. It is best to apply it on the inside of elbow first, and carry out allergy test to prove that if there is no reaction such as redness, swelling and itching, it can be used in other parts. No matter which method is used, it will cause slight skin damage. After hair removal, you must moisturize and pay attention to sun protection, otherwise pigmentation will occur after skin injury.

Depilatory Cream

From the depilation principle of depilatory cream, depilatory cream can only temporarily remove hair. Because the hair follicles are not damaged, the hair will grow again.

There is no permanent depilatory cream or depilatory cream unless it can destroy hair follicles.

Because of the female physiological cycle, endocrine will be in a state of disorder near the physiological period. When using depilatory cream at this time, it may irritate the skin and cause allergic reaction. Teenagers pay special attention.

Therefore, for some women, depilatory cream that is ok to use does not necessarily mean that it will be ok to use it after a few days.


  1. Wash and dry the parts to be depilated first.
  2. Squeeze the depilatory cream directly on the skin, and spread the depilatory cream evenly (the thickness should be enough to cover up the body hair, and do not rub it).
  3. Let the depilatory cream stay on the skin for 5 to 8 minutes (never more than 12 minutes, be sure to use a clock to time, and don't estimate the time by yourself). After that, gently wipe off a small part of skin with facial tissue. If the body hair is easily separated, it means that the depilatory cream has played a role. Continue to wipe off the depilatory cream and hair with facial tissue.
  4. Rinse the depilation part with warm water immediately, dry the water on the skin with a towel, and apply skin care lotion.

Skill of purchasing

When choosing depilatory cream, you can choose products according to the following points:

  1. It has no toxic effect on skin and will not cause skin irritation;
  2. The depilation effect is remarkable, and the hair becomes soft and plastic within 10 minutes, which is easy to erase or wash;
  3. No peculiar smell or as low smell as possible;
  4. Will not damage or stain clothes;
  5. colorless or natural color, fine texture;
  6. It is easy to store and has a relatively stable shelf life.

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