What type of enlarged pores are you?

What type of enlarged pores are you?

1. Simple enlarged pores
It is due to the strong secretion of oil, which will enlarge the pores when it is discharged from the body. Daily incorrect squeezing, pulling or digging acne and blackheads will also cause large pores. Always pay attention to cleaning and oil control every day, and regularly use exfoliating methods such as cleansing mask, salicylic acid, and enzyme powder, which are particularly effective in improving simple enlarged pores. Avoid products that exfoliate by rubbing, such as granules or facial brushes. At the same time, daily moisturizing is also very important, and the pores of the skin will be visually smaller if the skin drink enough water.
Conditioning method:
Removes oil and oil plugs in pores and inhibits oil secretion.

2. Aging enlarged pores:
That is, with age, the skin sags and sags, and the pores on the cheeks become very obvious. In response to such problems, moisturizing, sun protection, and anti-aging are still the core. Prolonged UV exposure can damage the skin's collagen, causing irreversible enlarged pores. It is also an effective method to choose anti-aging medical beauty, such as ultrasonic scalpel or injection of water light needle, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.
Applicable medical and aesthetic means:
Intense pulsed light, water light needle, gold radio frequency microneedle

3. Organic enlarged pores:
The pores are dimple-shaped, some are complicated by acne-like papules, and the skin is icy-like depressions. Since this problem involves the atrophy of the dermis, skin care products cannot solve it. Such skin should pay attention to cleaning, try to use antibacterial drugs. However, if you want to flatten your skin, you can only try cosmetic surgery, such as fractional laser, microneedling, etc.

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