What to do with enlarged pores? How to take care of it?

What to do with enlarged pores? How to take care of it?

1. Daily skin care should be meticulous

If you want to bid farewell to the annoying large pores, you must be meticulous in your daily skin care, and every step should not be perfunctory, especially when it comes to cleaning and hydrating, you must choose skin care products that suit your skin type.

2. Do a good job of sun care

If the usual sun protection is not done well, it is easy to cause the skin to be hot and oily, and the pores will appear enlarged. So before we usually go out, we must do a good job of applying sunscreen.

3. Thoroughly clean pores

If the skin is not clean, it is easy to cause clogged pores, resulting in enlarged pores. Therefore, we must do effective and thorough pore cleaning. In addition to using facial cleanser in the morning and evening, we must insist on exfoliating once every two weeks.

4. Moisturize in time

After cleaning, the skin needs to be hydrated. Moisturizing can restore the elasticity of our skin and help the shrinkage of pores. You can also apply a mask, which can make the moisturizing effect stronger, and it is also good for the shrinkage of pores.
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