What are the solutions for dull skin?

What are the solutions for dull skin?

One: Yellow air is heavy

Causes of formation: malnutrition, lack of exercise, irregular work and rest, and an unhealthy yellow tone on the face
Anti-ultraviolet & radiation: For office workers who have been indoors for a long time, in addition to the ultraviolet rays on the commute, they will also receive radiation when facing the computer. So to protect, you can choose sunscreen, isolation, foundation or day cream.
Improve microcirculation: Adhere to drinking probiotics every day to promote skin metabolism.
Simple diet therapy: Eat more blood-enriching ingredients such as red dates, hawthorn, and red beans, which can effectively improve the complexion. In addition, foods that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, such as ginger and basil, are also effective in removing yellowness.

Two: uneven skin tone

Causes of formation: Uneven oil secretion in various areas of the face, facial structure, relaxation caused by aging, dark circles and other factors.
Partition whitening: The U area of ​​the face is relatively white and tender; the eye area, T area and nasolabial folds are darker, and it is difficult to improve the color difference with the same intensity of whitening. Therefore, it is necessary to perform partition whitening.
Moisturizing and oil control: Before whitening, solve problems such as blackheads and pores.
Oil control day and night: Excessive oil secretion will lead to repeated blackhead problems, so pay attention to oil control.

Three: dim

Causes of formation: The stratum corneum is unhealthy and the internal regulation is unbalanced, resulting in dull skin.
Conditioning keratin: If the keratin is too thin, it will be sensitive to red blood, which will make the skin dark and dull afterward. Exfoliate properly, don't overdo it.
Lifestyle: Eat less fried and pickled foods, eat more fruits and vegetables containing VC, ensure sleep, do not smoke or drink, exercise properly, and be optimistic and positive.
Firming the skin: Laxity is also an important cause of dullness. Choose products with a firming effect and use them in conjunction with whitening products.


1. Day and night whitening
Day whitening: protection is the main thing, and the UV rays are strong during the day. Protecting against UV rays and fighting free radicals is the primary task. No matter indoors or outdoors, UV rays are everywhere, so heavy defense is needed.
Night whitening: mainly for repairing, disintegrating the melanin that has been formed at night, and inhibiting the activity of melanocytes is the primary task; at night, the skin is in a more relaxed state and has good absorption, which is conducive to repairing at night, and can effectively restore the skin to health state.
2. the golden whitening period
Night is the golden period for whitening absorption, and it is also the golden period for repairing, so it must not be missed.
Absorption: During dormancy, the skin will still be metabolized. Adequate sleep can help the cells in the dermis to proliferate and accelerate the metabolism of melanin. The absorption of the skin at night is relatively better, and exfoliation, skin rejuvenation, and deep cleaning are more suitable for execution at night.
Repair: From 22:00 to 2:00, the metabolism of the skin increases, and the cells are repaired and regenerated; at night, the liver detoxifies; the melanocytes are no longer active, and the formed melanin can be better decomposed.
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