What are the skin care mistakes that you must know in your daily life?

What are the skin care mistakes that you must know in your daily life?

Myth 1: Don't wear sunscreen on cloudy days

Sunscreen is actually "ultraviolet". Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to our skin. It will not only accelerate skin aging, make us grow wrinkles, spots, etc., but also cause acne and inflammation. Therefore, sun protection is very important. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, or even rainy, sunscreen is required.

Myth 2: No need to wash your face after removing makeup?

No matter what kind of makeup remover product is, there will be some residue on the face after use. If it is not clean, it is likely to clog the pores, so it is best to wash it with a mild facial cleanser after removing makeup.

Myth 3: The longer the mask is, the better?

Generally speaking, the best time to apply a mask is 15-20 minutes. In fact, using a mask for too long will cause our skin to be over-hydrated, causing the skin to flow back in moisture, that is, "reverse suction", making the face more and more dry. tight.

Myth 4: Washing your face with cold water and hot water makes no difference

Because our skin is the most comfortable state at a water temperature of about 37°C, and washing your face with cold water will stimulate the skin pores to shrink, which is often referred to as "heat expansion and cold contraction", which can easily lead to residual dirt in the pores. Pores get clogged and then breakouts appear.
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