Thief of the Years - A Alcohol

Thief of the Years - A Alcohol

The role of alcohol

1. Dilute fine lines: stimulate collagen regeneration and repair UV photoaging.
2. Lighten spots: reduce the contact time between keratinocytes and pigment cells, and reduce the production of dark spots.
3. Strengthen the barrier: within the tolerance range, long-term use of low-concentration A-alcohol will not only increase the sensitivity but strengthen the skin barrier.

Tips for using A-alcohol:

The concentration of A alcohol is not as high as possible
High concentrations will work faster than low concentrations, but will also be more irritating
It is recommended that you start with a low concentration and gradually increase the frequency
Build skin tolerance

Step 1: Apply locally on the cheeks first
step2: In the first week, it is recommended to use it every 1-2 days, the dosage of soybean size each time
Step3: After 1-2 weeks to establish tolerance, if there is no adverse reaction, it can be used daily

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