These few truths about eye cream, you must know!

These few truths about eye cream, you must know!

Formation of eye lines

With the increase of age, the skin ages, its moisturizing effect and barrier function gradually weaken, and the content of natural moisturizing factors decreases; the physiological aging of the skin and the long-term contraction of eye muscles, long-term dryness and water shortage will greatly accelerate its production, Coupled with the lack of sebaceous glands in the skin around the eyes, dryness has become the most likely problem.

Prevention of eye wrinkles

1. Pay attention to your sleeping position, preferably lying down. Don't compress the nervous system on one side of the eye when sleeping, it will cause the compression of capillaries, which is very bad for the stretching of the eye skin.
2. Eye cleaning is very important for eye care. It not only removes the melanin of the eye skin, but also washes away dullness and keratin, which can help the skin to better receive nutrients.
3. Choose the right eye product
There are many kinds of eye products on the market. How to choose the one that suits me requires us to start from our own skin condition or consult relevant experts.
4. Proper and effective massage
There are eye massage essences on the market, that is, you need to massage the eyes when you use the product, so that the eyes can better receive the nutrients of the essence.

Eye cream is a skin care cosmetic product used for the skin around the eyes. In addition to improving skin moisturizing and barrier functions, it can also be added according to the functional components and active substances of different products, and sometimes also has the effect of tightening the eye skin. Relieve dark circles, improve wrinkles and fine lines.

RtopR MANGO REVITALIZE FIRMING EYE CREAM rich in mango extract, help ease wrinkles and dry lines which is caused by lack of water, smooth eye, make eye skin delicate soft, bright eyes clean, delicate and moving.


After cleaning and drying, take an appropriate amount of this product, massage and pat gently until it is absorbed.


If any discomfort, please stop using immediately. 

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