The King of Antioxidants - Astaxanthin

The King of Antioxidants - Astaxanthin

How does astaxanthin protect the skin?

  • After-sun repair: Astaxanthin can significantly reduce the damage of active oxygen and matrix metalloproteinases to collagen and elastin, and help the skin maintain metabolism.
  • Improve skin tone: Anti-oxidant brightens, persistent use helps to improve dullness, making skin translucent and radiant.
  • Firming Skin: Combines with skin proteins to make skin firm and elastic.
  • Eliminate free radicals: It can effectively remove free radicals, protect the skin and slow down the aging process.

Advantages of Astaxanthin:

The advantage of astaxanthin is that it has a relatively broad range of antioxidants. It is more lipophilic, so it is more permeable, and can penetrate deep into the middle of the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane to continuously resist oxidation.

In addition, it can reduce the loss of collagen and elastic fibers by inhibiting the activity of proteases.

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