The facial cleanser doesn't foam, so it can't be washed clean?

The facial cleanser doesn't foam, so it can't be washed clean?

Many people think that the more foaming the facial cleanser is, the cleaner it will be, but this is actually a misunderstanding.

1. The cleaning ability of facial cleanser is related to surfactants.

High content of surface activity, strong cleaning power - note that the cleaning power of the gel is not only to wash away the dirty things, but also to wash off the lipids that protect the skin, making the skin dry and tight after washing the face, which lasts for a long time The stratum corneum becomes thinner, prone to allergies, redness, and stinging.

2. The content of surface activity is moderate, which can wash away dirt without taking away the lipids that are beneficial to the skin.

Therefore, from the perspective of washing off dirt, whether the facial cleanser foams and how much it foams has nothing to do with whether it is washed clean. Foaming is mainly the function of foaming agent, which is added to soap-based cleansing, which will take away moisture from the skin and make the skin drier.
People with thin stratum corneum and fragile skin should try to choose amino acid-based mild cleansers, and avoid excessively clean soap-based cleansers.
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