"The diet menu for acne skin is here!!! What can't be eaten for acne muscles??? "

Do you get acne when you eat chili, hot pot, and milk? Then you can't miss this article!!!

1. Why do you get acne?
Androgen-based hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, and at the same time stimulate hair follicle wall cells to grow faster, increase adhesion, and are not easy to fall off, which is abnormal keratinization, which leads to clogged pores. The accumulation of oil and metabolites increases, causing acne.

2. What is the relationship between eating and acne?
The relationship between eating and acne is just like the radio signal must go through the radio to be able to function, and radio calls must be received through walkie-talkies or mobile phones. Therefore, eating is inseparable from acne!!!

3. What foods to avoid
(1). High sugar
(2). High oil
(3). Animal milk
(4). Spicy and irritating
(5). Tobacco and alcohol
For example: candy, chocolate, honey, watermelon, lychee, potatoes... etc.

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