Teach you to correctly judge the five major skin types

Teach you to correctly judge the five major skin types
【combination skin】
Features: Combination skin can be roughly divided into two types, one is combination oil skin, the T zone has oily shine, large pores, prone to vermicelli, acne and other problems, but the pores on the cheeks are fine, and there is no discomfort at ordinary times. The other is combination dry skin, the T zone is oily, but the condition of the cheeks is like that of dry skin, prone to fine lines, dehydrated and prone to peeling.
【Sensitive skin】
Features: The skin is thin, naturally fragile and lacks elasticity. When the seasons are cold or hot, the skin becomes red and prone to small papules, itching, and tingling sensations. The capillaries are shallow and easily rupture to form small red bloodshots. Naturally sensitive skin is derived from genetics, and acquired external factors such as environmental stimuli, unreasonable use of cosmetics, etc., lead to damage to the skin barrier and become sensitive skin.
【Dry skin】
Features: The pores of the skin are delicate, but the skin will feel very dry during the change of seasons and autumn and winter, prone to peeling, wrinkles and spots. When dehydrated, fine lines are prone to appear, and acne is not easy to appear. When the skin is very dehydrated, the skin will feel rough when touched with hands, and fine lines will appear when pressed with fingers.
【Normal skin】
Features: The skin is smooth, delicate, shiny, with fine pores, moderate oil and moisture, and looks rosy, smooth, flawless and elastic. Less sensitive to external stimuli, less prone to wrinkles, and less prone to fading after makeup.
【Oily skin】
Features: large pores, rough skin surface, strong sebum secretion, often oily face, especially in the T zone. It is prone to skin problems such as facial blackheads, acne, acne, acne, etc., but the skin is soft, not prone to wrinkles, and is more tolerant to external stimuli.

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