Some Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Some Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

1. Minimize skin care products as much as possible

Cleaning - moisturizing - the three basics of sun protection must be firm.

2. Choose products for mature, sensitive skin
The first choice for functional skin care products.

3. Fragrance-free formula

4.avoid the use of soap, use less soap-based facial cleanser and other strong degreasing facial cleansers, and reduce the frequency of use of facial cleansers if necessary

5. Diversified moisturizing work, combined with seasonal seasons, air humidity and other factors, choose products with different performance

6. Avoid using peel-off masks

7. Avoid or use less exfoliating products

8. avoid the skin "wind and sun"

9. Friends who usually like spicy food, it is recommended to eat less

10. It is recommended to try the new skin care products behind the ears first

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