Small common sense that summer skin care is easy to ignore

Small common sense that summer skin care is easy to ignore

Now everyone attaches great importance to the importance of skin care products, but often ignore some skin care tips.

1. Wash your face with cold water

Due to the hot weather in summer, the temperature of our skin will be relatively high. At this time, washing our face with cold water will stimulate our skin, causing pores to shrink, and the oil and dirt in the pores cannot be effectively eliminated.

2. Do not replace summer skin care products

In winter, the climate is dry, and the skin care products used are mainly hydrating and moisturizing; but in summer, skin care products need to pay more attention to refreshing, oil control, and soothing the skin, so our skin care products must be changed according to the season.

3. It is not easy to believe in skin care products that quickly whiten or are effective immediately.

As long as it is a skin care product that works quickly and immediately, it is very likely to contain hormones, and it may even make the skin worse.

4. Excessive dosage of skin care products will lead to poor skin care effect.

Skin care products need to be used in normal amounts. Too much application is not easy for the skin to absorb, and it is easy to cause clogged pores and excess nutrients. The correct way to use it is to apply a small amount of time until absorbed.

5. Sun protection is the last step in skin care.

Sunscreen not only prevents sunburn and sunburn, it is also the ultimate step in preventing spots and wrinkles.

6. No need to apply sleeping mask every day.

Sleeping on the face once or twice a week is fine, and applying it every day will clog your pores.

7. Do not apply too much force when applying skin care products.

The correct method is to gently stretch and lift from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside, and tap lightly.

8. Don’t squeeze pimples easily

Popping pimples can lead to infection. Do not squeeze the whiteheads on both sides of the nose. It is easy to squeeze more and more, and it will also cause large pores.
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