Skincare Rumors, Science Revealed

Skincare Rumors, Science Revealed

01. The more expensive the product, the better the effect?

Secret: What suits you is the best, and what is not suitable for you is counterproductive. It is very important to understand your skin type and the efficacy of the corresponding products.

02. Skin care products containing alcohol cannot be used?

Secret: The alcohol in some skin care products can promote penetration and shrink pores, which can be selected according to skin type.

03. Don't you need to wash your face after applying the mask?

Secret: After applying the mask, there will be essence residue on the face that cannot be completely absorbed by the skin, and may also "cooperate" with bacteria in the air to block pores, so it needs to be washed off with water before follow-up skin care.

04. Do you have to remove makeup after using sunscreen?

Secret: Under normal circumstances need to remove makeup. There are some ingredients in sunscreen that cannot be washed off by facial cleanser.

05. If there is more oil on the face, do you need to wash your face more often?

Secret: Frequent face washing will take away the oil on the surface of the skin, making the face tight, but prompting the skin to secrete more oil.
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