Skin dehydration leads to oily skin??

Skin dehydration leads to oily skin??

"Skin dehydration leads to oily skin??"

No!!! Skin oil is related to sebaceous glands. There is no research and literature to prove that skin dehydration is related to skin oil.

So don't think that skin hydration can change oily skin.

Oily skin cannot be changed fundamentally, but "how much oil can be improved"!!!

Therefore, the amount of oil produced does not lie in replenishing water, but in reducing sebum synthesis and inhibiting sebum secretion.

You can try to improve through the following ways:

1. Choose an oil-removing facial cleanser. If the oil is serious, you can occasionally use soap, but Lanbena does not recommend long-term use of soap to wash your face.
2. Toner with shrinking effect, can contain 2% salicylic acid, witch hazel, resorcinol and other ingredients, can exfoliate and shrink pores.
3. Reduce the intake of greasy, spicy and sweet foods.
4. Use powdered paper that can absorb oil.
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