Skin care tips, how many do you know?

Skin care tips, how many do you know?

Can drinking lemon water whiten your skin?

In summer, you can drink more lemon water. Lemon water is rich in vitamin C. Drinking fresh lemon water can effectively detoxify and whiten the skin. Because lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, this vitamin C can play a very good antioxidant effect after ingesting the human body, and can effectively prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation.

How to effectively moisturize and hydrate?

In summer, moisturizing is the key to daily skin care. In hot and dry summer, the skin loses moisture quickly. It is recommended that you wash your face no more than three times a day. Use a moisturizing facial cleanser suitable for your skin type to wash your face, and then apply moisturizing water or moisturizing after washing thoroughly. lotion. Apply the mask at least three times a week, choose to apply the mask after thoroughly washing the face at night, and the skin will drink enough water. After sun repair, you can choose to apply aloe vera gel to the skin, which can replenish moisture and resist dryness.

How to sunscreen in summer?

The importance of sun protection in summer is five stars. Strong ultraviolet rays will cause tanning, spots, wrinkles and other damage to the skin. When going out in summer, be sure to wear umbrellas, sun hats, sunscreen clothes, and sunscreen. It can effectively resist ultraviolet rays. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen with a higher SPF than usual. It is best to use a refreshing and non-greasy sunscreen. Apply it half an hour before going out. You can also prepare a sunscreen spray in your bag to spray at any time.

Summer clean skin is the key?

In summer, the makeup removal is not complete, and the lethality to the skin is much greater than that in other seasons! Makeup removal is the beginning of skin care every night. Sunscreen products applied during the day need to be removed to be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning steps are not paid enough attention. Do not use cleaning products that are too alkaline or too strong, and are not suitable for summer skin characteristics. This will not only not completely clean the skin, but also damage the sebum membrane. Therefore, proper cleaning in summer is an important prerequisite for skin care, and it is more important than other seasons.
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