Skin care tips for staying up late

Skin care tips for staying up late
What is staying up late muscle?
Staying up late is caused by the inversion of day and night and abnormal work and rest.
What are the expressions of staying up late muscle?
(1) Large pores
Staying up late not only makes the oil secreted too much, but also makes the skin rough and dull, and the pores become larger day by day.
(2) Panda eyes
Often after staying up late, the microvascular circulation around the eyes will be poor, causing blood to accumulate, resulting in dark gray eye bags.
(3) Puffy eyes
Lack of sleep causes poor blood circulation in the eyes, and drinking too much water at night will cause excess moisture to accumulate in the skin around the eyes, resulting in puffy eyes.
(4) Dull complexion
Not sleeping in the middle of the night will slow down the blood circulation of the skin epidermis, and the skin will appear dull and yellow.
(5) Skin aging
Staying up late causes the human body to produce a large amount of free radicals, which will destroy the healthy tissues and collagen in our body. The loss of collagen is 3-5 times as fast as usual, and the skin will naturally appear slack, soft and other aging phenomena.
Stay up late self-help guide:
(1) Adjustment of work and rest: To fight against the muscles of staying up late, the first thing is to get rid of the habit of staying up late, and don’t play mobile phones after lying down.
(2) Clean in time: Even if you stay up late, you should do a good job of cleaning and skin care before going to bed. The shorter the time dust accumulates on the face, the more conducive to the self-repair of the skin.
(3) Reasonable skin care: When staying up late is unavoidable, the skin care should be doubled and repaired to replenish moisture to the skin.

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