Skin care knowledge - summary of girls' skin super good habits

Skin care knowledge - summary of girls' skin super good habits
Internal tone
(1) Quit sugar
Excessive intake of sugar will cause the collagen of the skin to become fragile, the self-repair ability will decrease, the aging of the skin will be accelerated, and acne will be more likely to occur, which is more serious than eating spicy food.
(2) Lemonade
You can drink a glass of lemonade for yourself every night, which can promote whitening and metabolize melanin, but because lemonade is a photosensitive food, it is not placed during the day.
(3) Diet rules
Ensure that you eat regularly, regularly and quantitatively, don’t eat too much, and don’t go on a diet to lose weight. Try to eat as light as possible, and don’t eat some spicy, irritating and greasy foods, which are not good for the body and even worse for the skin.
(4) Moisture
Intake 2000ml of water every day to replenish the body's water, try to drink in small sips, it can infiltrate every organ of the body, do not drink in large gulps, otherwise it will be discharged quickly!
Skin care articles
(1) Wash your face seriously
If you want to have healthy skin, the first step is to clean your face, wash your face carefully, choose a mild and non-irritating facial cleanser, lather the foam on your hands and apply it to your face, rub it gently, and use a disposable face towel after washing. Wipe dry.
(2) Do a good job of sun protection
Sunscreen should be done all year round. Sunscreen can not only whiten the skin, but also delay the aging of the skin.
(3) Apply a mask regularly
The mask can quickly replenish the skin with nutrition and brighten the complexion. It is enough to apply it about 3 times a week. The best time is to apply the mask for 10-15 minutes each time.
(4) Minimalist skin care
For minimalist skin care, you must first understand your skin type, carry out targeted care according to your skin type, understand what you need, and don’t apply everything on your face.
(5) Skin whitening
Insist on using skin care products with whitening ingredients, the metabolism of the skin is 28 days, so you must adhere to it. The more effective whitening ingredients in skin care products include niacinamide, arbutin, vitamin C, kojic acid, 377, etc.
(6) Take regular baths and stick to body lotion
Regular bathing can increase the blood circulation of the body, and the complexion will get better and better. If you apply body lotion in time, you will find that the skin is getting better and more delicate.
(1) Eat more fruits
If you want fair skin, you can eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to reduce melanin, and the skin will be brighter and brighter. Oranges, tomatoes, hawthorn, and citrus are all good choices.
(2) Have breakfast
Eat breakfast before 9 o'clock. Breakfast can make us feel fuller for the day and can also help you control your weight.
(3) Soak feet
Girls can buy a wooden foot bath bucket. There are many acupuncture points under the feet. Foot bathing can accelerate blood circulation, and then choose a pair of comfortable shoes to protect the feet.
(4) Go to bed early
Staying up late will precipitate melanin in the body, causing the skin to turn yellow and dull. Going to bed early and not staying up late is the best and cheapest maintenance method.

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