Skin care knowledge(2)

Skin care knowledge(2)

1. Eye care In addition to eye cream, there are also eye essence and eye mask.

2. Using a skin care rub does not necessarily prove to be the cause of your stratum corneum, but also the product itself.

3. If you want your skin to age slowly, you need anti-aging products.

4. Moisturizing and moisturizing should be combined, and both are indispensable.

5. There is a promotion product called Internet celebrity product, but the effect is not as good as advertised.

6. Not all baby products are suitable for sensitive skin, especially oily sensitive skin.

7. Do a good job of sun protection when going out, and sunscreen lotion is indispensable.

8. Lip balm and body lotion are also an important part of skin care.

9. To stay away from dark circles and fine lines, eye cream must be used early.

10. The appearance of fat particles is not necessarily a problem with eye cream.

11. A healthy diet and adequate sleep are the best skin care.

12. The source of all evil is sugar. If you want to be beautiful, stay away from it.

13. If you want your skin to be good, you must insist on using the beauty device.

14. To get adequate nutrition for the skin, essence is essential.

15. Oily skin is prone to oily outside and dry inside. Oil is not controlled or absorbed. Only water can reduce oil.

16. No matter what skin type you are, it is recommended to use a mild amino acid facial cleanser, your face is not so dirty.

17. After washing your face, gently wipe off excess moisture with a towel or facial cleanser.

18. Drinking more water can only promote metabolism, not make the skin better.

19. There is no substantial relationship between the foaming ability of the facial cleanser and its cleaning ability.

20. If you have sensitive skin, it is not recommended to wipe the skin with a cotton pad dipped in skin care lotion. It is better to use the skin care lotion by dab or pressing.

21. Use the mask in moderation and do not use it frequently.

22. Frequent acne breakouts need to consider whether the skin barrier has been damaged.

23. The most basic skin care is: moisturizing and anti-oxidation.
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