Skin care knowledge

Skin care knowledge

1. The face is 80% water and 20% oil. When you're dehydrated, your face becomes oily, or dry. Hydrate yourself! Let the skin drink full of water, the skin is no longer a problem!

2. Moisturizing is the absolute truth of oil control, long-term dryness and acne, long-term dryness and long-term spots, moisturizing is the king! Women should be watery! So tender!

3. Don't touch your face when you're okay, you can never imagine how many bacteria are on your hands.

4. The skin is intelligent, if the skin is dehydrated, it will balance by secreting more oil.

5. The cleaning action should be gentle. When cleaning the skin every day, avoid excessive pulling. It is recommended to use the pulp of the middle finger and ring finger to reduce the load on the skin.

6. Pay attention to moisturizing at all times. Take 2000 ml of water every day, and bring moisturizing products with you to replenish it in time to avoid dry fine lines on the skin.

7. Moderate exfoliation Exfoliate moderately according to your own skin condition. Exfoliation does not have to be done on the whole face, but only on the local area. An easy way to tell when and where to exfoliate your skin is when you feel the skin on your face is getting rough, pores are becoming visible, and pimples are appearing.

8. Eat more foods with antioxidant effects, such as vitamins C, E, green tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, etc., which are all ingredients with antioxidant effects. You can take more vegetables and fruits.

9. Avoid scratching the skin. When the skin has uncomfortable symptoms, especially when acne occurs, avoid itching, scratching, and squeezing with your fingers, because these actions can easily damage the skin tissue structure and even leave scars.

10. Regularly stroking the face Relieves muscle tension to help avoid expression lines. Through the action of stroking the skin with the hand, it can effectively distract the attention of nerve conduction, thereby relaxing the muscles and avoiding the formation of expression lines.

11. Get enough sleep Sleep is a critical moment for the skin to repair itself every day.

12. Do a good job of sun protection on the skin Try to avoid exposing the skin to the sun, especially when the sun is in the sun, go to more shaded places, try to choose clothing that has shielding properties, and apply sunscreen products when it cannot be covered with clothing.

13. Eye care In addition to eye cream, there are eye essence and eye mask.

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