Skin Care Cold Knowledge (Mask)

Skin Care Cold Knowledge (Mask)
Masks are an indispensable part of our daily skin care, but do you really use masks?
1. It is not advisable to make a self-made mask. There is no safety and hygiene at all, and it may lead to some phenomena such as a rotten face.
2. If the climate is dry, don't rely too much on the mask. Applying the mask every day will cause the skin to hydrate.
3. Many people think that the essence in the mask is more viscous, the better. It may be that a thickener has been added. Don't think that the mask can improve our skin problems. The mask only needs to be hydrating and moisturizing.
4. After applying the mask, be sure to wash it off with water. If you don't wash off the remaining essence on your face, it will lead to the absorption of our follow-up cosmetics.
5. Many people think that applying a mask before makeup will make the base makeup more docile, but our pores will open after applying the mask. If you apply the mask before makeup, you may be allergic or have acne.

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