Simple tricks to teach you to quickly get rid of acne

Simple tricks to teach you to quickly get rid of acne

Do you often have red, swollen, pimples on your face?

How to prevent acne in daily life:
1. Develop good eating habits. Eating less high-calorie foods (such as cakes, chocolate, and most beverages), especially skim milk, will greatly increase the risk of acne.
2. Choose skin care products with safe and mild ingredients and no risk of acne. Before buying skin care products, you can first understand the ingredients of the products.
3. Sensitive skin needs to avoid products with irritating ingredients such as alcohol, essence, and preservatives, otherwise the damage to the barrier may also lead to large-scale acne breakouts. Oily skin should also avoid products with ingredients that are too closed to the skin and feel greasy and heavy on the skin.

How to get pimples suddenly and how to get rid of them quickly?
In the case of occasional pimples on your face, don't brush acid blindly and easily. It is recommended to use acne patches during the day to avoid inflammation caused by squeezing acne and prevent infection; at night, you can use acne essence to apply to the acne-prone areas.

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