Self-test guide to find out what kind of spots are you?

Self-test guide to find out what kind of spots are you?

  • Freckle

Most of them are round or oval sesame-sized spots, with a smooth surface, mostly concentrated near the nose, darkening after sun exposure, light in summer and dark in autumn and winter.

Cause of formation

Freckles are mostly hereditary, and there are also cases of intergenerational inheritance
Sun exposure can trigger or worsen spots

  • Sunburn

Dark brown or light brown rice grain size, mostly on the outside of the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the calf and the face

Cause of formation

Radiation from sun exposure or electronic equipment

  • Chloasma

Mostly brown or dark brown patches of uneven size with sharp edges and irregular shapes

Cause of formation
External factors: UV light damage to the skin
Internal factors: related to endocrine and hormonal factors
  • Pregnancy spots

Mostly appear during pregnancy, distributed on the cheeks, forehead, showing a butterfly shape

Cause of formation

Elevated progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy
Causes melanocytes in the skin to be more active
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