Scientific skin care, skin care common sense to know

Scientific skin care, skin care common sense to know
1. Cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection are basic skin care and are all necessary;
2. Excessive cleansing, including exfoliation, can easily lead to damage to the skin barrier. It is good to use cleansing products once a day, and do not wash your face for more than one minute in the morning and evening;
3. Use the mask two to three times a week. Frequent use of the mask may cause hydration and lead to mask dermatitis;
4. Only water is not moisturizing, moisturizing is a step, and water + locking water can moisturize. Among them, cream and milk contain oil and moisturizing agents, which can moisturize and help lock water;
5. Excessive application of skin care products will damage the skin barrier;
6. The sunscreen for sensitive skin is mainly physical sunscreen, and heavy sunscreen is a burden for sensitive skin;
7. Cosmetics should use products that are suitable for the current skin. If you don’t know your skin type, indiscriminate use of cosmetics will lead to acne breakouts and even breakouts;
8. Acne muscles should eat less fried sweets, suitable for low-fat foods, and control dairy products at the same time;
9. Suddenly using a certain skin care product makes your skin improve instantly, don't think about it, there is definitely a problem;
10. Generally speaking, the complete skin care process is: makeup remover → cleansing → cleansing mask → moisturizing mask → muscle base → toner → essence → eye cream → lotion → face cream → sunscreen;

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