Q&A about ceramides

Q&A about ceramides

Q: What skin type is ceramide suitable for?
A: It is suitable for all skin types. Ceramides play a vital role in the repair of sebum film, especially for fragile skin and skin with damaged barrier. Stability and other troubled people can choose ceramide.


Q: Can ceramide essence be used with astaxanthin essence or other essences?
A: Yes, the ceramide essence is mild and can be used in combination with astaxanthin essence or other essences. When using together with Astaxanthin Essence, if you feel that the amount is too large, you can use it separately in the morning and evening. Use Astaxanthin Essence in the morning and Ceramide Essence at night to deeply repair the skin.


Q: Can it be used on thin or sensitive skin?
A: Yes. Ceramides can strengthen and repair the skin barrier, thicken the stratum corneum, and make the skin less sensitive.


Q: Can pregnant women, lactating mothers and children use it?
A: You can use it with confidence.

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