Problematic skin science

Problematic skin science

How to maintain damaged skin?

Damaged skin - Most of the damaged skin is because of not knowing skin care!
1. If you don’t know your skin type, you can go to Xu Naze’s skin care products casually. You may use big-name products with high prices, but the ingredients of the products may not be suitable for your skin. Using it for a long time will not only have no effect but will cause skin irritation. Damaged skin!
2. Another situation is to choose an unprofessional store for skin care, resulting in worse skin, and in severe cases, skin redness, swelling and other skin problems will appear! As long as targeted skin care can prevent skin damage!

Why are the pores getting bigger?

1. If you don’t exfoliate for a long time, waste keratin will accumulate, and the skin metabolism cycle will become longer, resulting in rough skin, enlarged pores, and dull skin tone;
2. Excessive sebum secretion, most of which appear in oily skin and T-zone oil-mixed skin. Excessive sebum will stimulate pores to become larger;
3. Insufficient skin moisture forms false wrinkles, and the skin becomes rough due to aging;
4. Skin aging (natural aging, photoaging), collagen breakage, elastic fiber atrophy, hyaluronic acid loss, fat layer thinning, cell apoptosis, etc.;
5. Bad habits: Smoking and drinking, staying up late, wrong skin care, squeezing acne, etc., causing endocrine disorders, oily skin, clogged pores, etc.

Why repeated acne?

1. Most people habitually squeeze their acne with their own hands, resulting in constant skin inflammation. Over time, the acne becomes more serious, and finally leaves permanent scars.
2. Usually pay attention to the regularity of diet and rest, eat less greasy and sweet food, do a good job of cleaning and removing makeup at home, and regularly go to the skin management center to do deep cleaning and repairing projects, so that acne will not appear repeatedly.
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