Precautions for winter skin care

Precautions for winter skin care

1. Don’t Over Exfoliate

The skin has a protective mechanism. Excessive exfoliation will damage the skin barrier and destroy the original protective function. The skin becomes thinner and foreign substances are more likely to invade. It is more likely to cause redness in the skin, make the skin more sensitive, and cause permanent damage to the skin.
Therefore, reasonable exfoliation is a point that must be paid attention to in winter skin care. Generally speaking, exfoliating once a week is enough.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing

Skin is more prone to dryness in winter, so don't use alcohol-based lotion, especially for dry skin.
In addition, for those with dry skin, before skin care, it is best to simply massage the face to promote blood circulation and prevent the skin from losing moisture. Pay special attention to the essential moisturizing cream in winter, which can also lock in water.

3. Pay attention to cleaning

The weather changes too fast, which will reduce the skin resistance and be easily infected by bacteria. For winter skin care, we must first pay attention to the cleansing of the skin, and we can choose weak acid cleansing milk.
The PH value of weakly acidic facial cleanser is close to the PH value of human skin, will not cause damage to the skin, and is mild and non-irritating. Therefore, many people call it skin-friendly facial cleanser, or mild facial cleanser.
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