Popular science dry goods, the truth of "external oil and internal dryness"

Popular science dry goods, the truth of
Oily sensitive skin is often referred to as "oily outside and dry inside". The developed sebaceous glands secrete excess oil, causing large pores, and the skin barrier is damaged and the water retention capacity is insufficient. Therefore, although it looks oily, in fact, it often feels dry.

Such people who are oily outside and dry inside often have the habit of over-cleaning, (such as excessive exfoliation, washing your face desperately, and removing makeup without makeup), which will further weaken the skin’s water-retaining ability, making the skin more prone to dehydration.

It is recommended that for oily and dry skin, the nursing suggestions are:
1. Stop excessive cleaning;
2. Hydrate and moisturize, repair the skin, pay attention to sun protection, prevent skin damage and irritation, and restore the skin's healthy barrier;
3. Pay attention to drinking water and add foods that help to retain water, such as: collagen, fruits and vegetables, etc.

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