Popular science!

Popular science!

Beware of "Acquired Sensitivity"

Sensitive skin can be divided into two categories: congenital and acquired. In recent years, due to the emphasis on skin care, many women over-skin care, such as over-cleaning, over-exfoliating, doing too much mask, applying too many skin care products, pursuing quick-acting beauty, etc. The ratio is getting higher and higher.
If you are an avid skin care product lover, and your skin has the following characteristics, you should consider sensitive skin, you must immediately stop the practice of harming the skin, and take repair measures to restore the health of the skin.
(1) The skin looks thin and transparent;
(2) There are faint red blood on the face or frequent flushing, and there are obvious reactions to slight cold and hot wind;
(3) The skin often feels tight and dehydrated, and it is very easy to peel in autumn and winter;
(4) The pores often have rashes and small particles, and some may become inflamed, but there is no thick cuticle.

Balance is the most fundamental rule of healthy skin!

(1) The balance between regeneration and decay
The top layer of the skin is the epidermis, and the epidermis is divided into 4-5 layers, the most important being the outermost stratum corneum and the innermost basal layer. The stratum corneum is the most important protective barrier of the skin. Without it, the skin cannot retain moisture, isolate harmful substances, and resist UV rays. Basal cells take 14-28 days as a cycle.
(2) Consequences of losing balance
The stratum corneum peels off and removes too much - the water retention capacity of the skin will be seriously damaged, and the loss can reach 90%; the skin's resistance to various external physical and chemical stimuli will become lower, and then it will become dry, sensitive, susceptible to infection and further Various skin problems occur.

Those unreliable beauty methods

【You should use makeup remover every day even without makeup】
unnecessary! The principle of cleaning is gentleness and moderation. Cleansing oil is a powerful cleaning product. Excessive use can cause skin damage. The skin is not as clean as possible.
[The stinging pain of using the product is due to the lack of water in the skin]
The tingling on the face when using skin care products is because the skin is fragile and its barrier is damaged. On the one hand, the epidermis acts like a wall, protecting the dermis, and when it breaks, it stings when penetrating skin care products enter.
Of course, a compromised barrier can also lead to dehydration in the skin, but dehydration is a result, not a cause. In this case, it is useless to hydrate the skin. It is necessary to avoid exfoliating, rubbing, makeup removal and other behaviors that damage the skin, and focus on moisturizing and repairing, so that the barrier can gradually return to normal.
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