Plant Whitening Extract - Arbutin

Plant Whitening Extract - Arbutin

source of arbutin

Arbutin is extracted from bearberry, and most of the arbutin in the market is α-arbutin (synthetic) and β-arbutin (occurring in nature).

Although α-arbutin is artificially synthesized, its effect is more than 15 times the whitening effect of β-arbutin, and its stability is also relatively good.
At the same time, the price of α-arbutin is also much more expensive than that of β-arbutin. Products that claim to have added arbutin on the market are basically β-arbutin unless it is specifically pointed out that it is α-arbutin. .

So you need to pay extra attention when choosing products.

The efficacy of arbutin

Arbutin also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and damaged repair effects

Arbutin is not a peeling whitening product. Its whitening cycle is long, and it is generally only one metabolic cycle (28 days) to experience its effect.

Arbutin can remove local melanin, and has a good effect on freckle removal and lightening acne marks. It is much less irritating than VC and is a relatively mild whitening ingredient.


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