Nanny-level acid cleaning strategy-teach you the correct way to open acid cleaning

Nanny-level acid cleaning strategy-teach you the correct way to open acid cleaning

What exactly is acid brushing?

Change the acidity of the skin surface to remove dead skin cells
To put it simply, it is to use acid skin care products to improve skin problems, dissolve old cutin by brushing acid, accelerate the metabolism of your skin, and return your skin to a relatively healthy state.
Who is not suitable for acid brushing?
1. Allergic skin of mothers during pregnancy and lactation
2. Pregnant women and lactating mothers; people with sensitive skin and allergies;
3. People with viral infection or unhealed broken skin on the face;
4. Have undergone skin rejuvenation treatment, laser, hormone products and topical ointments within 2 weeks;

The effect of correct acid brushing

1. Whitening and freckle removal
Fruit acid salicylic acid can accelerate the exfoliation of the cuticle, promote the exfoliation of aging cells and the discharge of melanin particles, reduce pigmentation, whiten and remove freckles, and improve acne marks.
2. Improve blackheads, acne, and mouth problems
Fruit acid can promote skin metabolism, reduce blackheads and acne; salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and can dissolve excess oil in pores.
3. Anti-aging
Fruit acid can effectively improve dullness, even promote the production of collagen in the skin, make the skin more delicate, and improve the smoothness and delicateness of the skin.

The process of brushing acid

Step 1.
From the beginning of cleansing, you can choose amino acid cleansing suitable for sensitive skin, wash your face with warm water, and wash away the excess oil on the face;
Step 2
The first time you use acid, you must choose mild acid products on the product, avoid the eye area, wash off immediately after the first application for 5 minutes, and gradually extend the time and frequency according to the skin's adaptation state.
(For the first time, you can only apply the acid on the T-zone and chin and other local areas. After applying it for 5 minutes, you will feel that there is no problem with the face. After two days, apply it for 10 minutes and wash it off. If you feel that there is still no problem with the face, you can apply it after brushing the acid 30 minutes)
Step 3.
You don’t need to use facial cleanser when washing your face, just wash it off with warm water; immediately after washing your face, apply a soothing and repairing mask, and finally apply a soothing and moisturizing essence or cream and you’re done.

Precautions for brushing acid

1. Take it as soon as it is good, don't over-wash the acid;
2. Do not use exfoliating products and facial cleansers within a week of acid brushing;
3. Scrub products and acid products are not allowed during acid brushing;
4. The best time to brush acid is at night, avoiding ultraviolet radiation;
5. Use acid products with low concentration and mildness for brushing acid;
6. There may be short-term acne breakouts during acid brushing, which is normal;
7. Do a 5-minute allergy test in front of the ear and behind the ear before brushing the acid. If there is no redness or other discomfort, you can start brushing the acid;
8. Pay attention to sun protection, and pay special attention to sun protection during the day after brushing the acid, otherwise it will easily turn black;
9. Niacinamide and salicylic acid do not need to be used together, the two will undergo a chemical reaction to form an allergic reaction;
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