Mask skin care class

Mask skin care class

Mask application mistake 1: apply mask every day

Mask is a big meal for the skin, no matter how nutritious it is, it cannot be applied every day, otherwise it will lead to "indigestion".
Correct care of the mask: 2 or 3 times a week is enough.
Under normal circumstances, 2 or 3 times a week is enough. If it is a special case, the frequency can be increased appropriately. Don't apply it multiple times at a time, no matter how good the food is, the skin will sometimes be too much.

Mask application mistake2: Dry skin, quickly use a moisturizing mask

When the skin is extremely dry due to lack of water, it is not advisable to apply a mask immediately, otherwise it will irritate the skin and even cause sensitivity.
Proper Mask Care: Make sure your skin is moisturized before applying
Moist skin absorbs more water and nutrients. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized when you apply a mask. If you have dry skin, you can spray some moisturizing water first. The pores will open, so that the skin can better absorb the essence in the mask, and it can also improve the effect of applying the face.

Mistake in applying mask 3: Exfoliate before applying the face

Exfoliation can promote the metabolism of the skin, but too frequent will destroy the natural barrier of the skin.
The correct care of the mask: it doesn't have to be exfoliated
The metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days, and it is best to exfoliate twice a month. Once a month is enough for sensitive skin. Generally speaking, as long as you remove makeup, clean your face thoroughly, and keep your skin clean, you can apply a mask.

Mask application mistake 4: the remaining essence is applied to the mask

In order to use up the essence, you keep applying it to the mask, which invisibly prolongs the time of applying the face, which will cause the skin to lose water.
Correct care of the mask: the essence can be applied to the neck
If the moisture content of the mask is moderate, it needs to be removed after 15 minutes; if the moisture content is high, it should be removed within 30 minutes at most. If you are really reluctant to part with the essence inside, use it to rub the neck or other parts of the body.
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