Little knowledge about long spots

Little knowledge about long spots
  • Freckles
Features: Located around the nose and cheeks, the number is generally high, the size is small and brown spots, and it is generally hereditary. It is more common in women and symptoms are aggravated by sun exposure and pregnancy.
Incentives: Freckles are related to sun exposure, and some melanocyte production functions fail, resulting in pigmentation and spots. It is related to the chromosomal dominant inheritance of the body.
Freckle removal strategy:
1. Avoid sun exposure and insist on applying sunscreen.
2. Do not use cosmetics containing heavy metals, strengthen moisturizing and repair the skin barrier.
3. Pay attention to rest and avoid staying up late to be nervous.
  • Melasma
Features: Light brown or tan spots of varying sizes and irregular shapes. It is often distributed symmetrically on the cheeks, and can also involve the orbit, forehead, upper lip and nose, and the edges are generally more obvious.
Incentives: Genetics, sun exposure, and body hormone levels are all influencing factors; the depth of stains is related to seasons, sun exposure, and endocrine factors; mental stress, staying up late, and fatigue can aggravate skin lesions.
Freckle removal strategy:
1. Avoid exposure to sunlight, especially in summer.
2. Maintain a happy spirit, a regular life and adequate sleep.
3. Avoid greasy, spicy food, tobacco and alcohol, and insist on using lightening products containing vitamin E.
  • Sunburn
Features: Often occurs on the cheeks or temples; the color is yellowish brown or brown.
Incentives: Stimulated by strong ultraviolet rays, melanin is deposited; after sunburn, skin inflammation occurs, and pigmentation causes dark spots.
Freckle removal strategy:
1. Avoid sun exposure and insist on applying sunscreen.
2. Pay attention to repairing after sun exposure, so as not to accelerate the formation of sun spots.
  • Pregnancy spots
Features: light brown or dark brown. Generally occurs in pregnant women, distributed in the bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead, around the nose and mouth, stomach and other places.
Incentives: After pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone and estrogen will be produced, which will enhance the function of melanocytes and cause skin pigmentation.
Freckle removal strategy:
1. Pay attention to sun protection every day and maintain a good sleep quality.
2. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, such as: kiwi, grapes, jujubes, etc.
3. Drink more milk, which is rich in protein and vitamin A.
  • Age spots
Features: There are more middle-aged and elderly people, and most of them are relatively clear one piece, distributed in any part; they are light brown macules or flat papules.
Incentives: It is related to the growth of age and the slowing down of the metabolic rate of body tissues and cells.
Freckle removal strategy:
1. Adjust eating habits, reduce fat intake, eat more foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, and drink more boiled water.
2. Use whitening and lightening products containing vitamin E and vitamin C.
3. Pay attention to the supplement of trace elements, you can eat more seafood products.

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