"Knowing these 4 points, it's hard to get acne!!"

RtopR will teach you the causes and solutions of acne in general!!!

1. Clogged pores caused by keratin hypertrophy: supplement vitamin A and zinc.
Ingest oysters, scallops, offal (pork liver, beef liver, foie gras... etc.), citrus fruits, bananas... etc.

2. Excessive oil secretion: supplement vitamin B2 and vitamin B6
Supplement soy foods

3. Solve the inflammatory tease caused by bacterial imbalance and mites accumulation:
Pay attention to personal hygiene, change pillowcases frequently, apply a small amount of antibacterial ointment locally, use skin care products containing probiotics for external use, improve body resistance, and have a balanced diet.

4. Relieve skin inflammation and acne: supplement vitamin B2 and vitamin B6.
Can be supplemented with salmon and green tea.

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