Keep you away from strawberry nose

Keep you away from strawberry nose


Blackheads, also known as blackheads and acne, are open acne (the surface layer of sebum blocking pores is directly exposed to the outside and comes into contact with air and dust in the air). It is caused by the oxidation of skin oil in the air. It stinks and blackens. Blackheads are common in adolescents during puberty, especially in the face, chest and back, especially in the nose. It is characterized by black spots in obviously enlarged pores, which are shaped like bugs after extrusion and blackened at the top.

Cause of formation

  • (1) Gene changes

Blackheads are actually rice-shaped foreign bodies proliferating in facial pores.

  • (2) Sunlight exposure

Sunshine can be said to be the biggest killer of skin aging, while melanin is a natural factor to protect against sunshine damage; The amount of melanin depends on the color of race.

  • (3) Excessive cleaning of skin

When the weather gets hot, the sebum secretion of our pores will flourish. If we clean it too hard, the skin will be tight, dry, peeling and even some small chips, which will easily lead to abnormal cutin metabolism or aging of our skin, resulting in greater harm.

  • (4) Squeezing acne and acne

If we squeeze, in the process of squeezing, the connective tissue around pores will often be compressed, and there are many deep, large or visible acne with naked eyes. Even if we squeeze, the grease and cutin stuck in it can be discharged, but the grease and cutin get stuck back in a few days!

  • (5) High temperature environment

If the pores become thicker, it is nothing more than because the sebaceous glands secrete too much, or the pores are blocked, or the surrounding connective tissue loses elasticity, thus expanding. The biggest influence is the temperature in the environment. Once the temperature of the surrounding environment becomes higher, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. According to statistics, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase by 10% for every degree of increase in the environmental temperature of human body. If the environment of 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius is compared, the sebum secreted by the latter is twice that of the former.

Four misunderstandings

First, blackheads appear because the skin is not thoroughly cleaned?

Blackheads are obstructed by oil hardening, which is caused by the fact that the oil in the skin is not discharged in time, and the oil hardens and blocks pores for a long time. Nose is the most oil-producing part. If it is not cleaned in time, grease will be mixed with a large number of dead skin cells deposited, forming small black spots.

Second, blackheads only harass young skin?

The appearance of blackheads is caused by the combination of personal skin quality and external environmental factors. People of any age who do not care for their skin well may have blackheads.

Three, extrusion can remove blackheads?

Moderate squeezing can be regarded as one of the ways to remove blackheads, but excessive stimulation makes the skin's oil secretion glands accelerate the secretion of more oil.

Four, blackheads can be eradicated at one time?

As we all know, everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception. However, the problem of blackhead generation, this metabolic cycle needs special attention to daily care before it can be cured slowly.


1. If you want to remove blackheads without enlarging pores, no matter what method you use, it is best to steam noodles beforehand, so that pores will open automatically, which will not only help to expel toxins, but also help clean them. 2. After removing blackheads, it is advisable to apply a nose with frozen distilled water or snow-frozen toner, which can calm skin and shrink pores. If you want to dip in inflammation, you can try cotton dipped in alcohol.

Here, I recommend RtopR brand mango blackhead removing mask with you. Rich in mango essence, it can penetrate into pores, soften skin cutin, absorb blackheads, remove dirt, grease and blackheads in pores, clean and moisturize skin, shrink pores, improve dry and rough skin, and make skin tender and smooth.

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