"Is eye skincare necessary?"

"Is eye skincare necessary?"

Eye skin is different from facial skin. Eye skin is the thinnest, tenderest, softest, and least elastic of the whole body skin. Therefore, eye skin is prone to wrinkles.
So, eye skin care products are different from general body skin care products. Eye skin care products are gentler and more essential.
Of course!!! "eye care is necessary", eye cream can play a role in moisturizing, anti-aging, eye mask can moisturize... etc.
But skin care products are all aimed at "dynamic wrinkles" on the eyes. If "static wrinkles" have been formed, the effect is limited, because static wrinkles are caused by the breakage of the elastic fibers of the skin and can only be solved by medical surgery.

Therefore, eye care is necessary!!! Have you learned it?

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