Is deep cleaning necessary?

Is deep cleaning necessary?

Skin respiration depends on the gaps between the stratum corneum cells, and absorbs water and nutrients through the stratum corneum, pores and sebaceous glands. As the age increases, the metabolism becomes slower and slower, and the pores are blocked by oil accumulation, which will cause The skin cannot breathe and becomes dull and dull. As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated, dry and wrinkled.
To get rid of these skin problems, we need to do a deep cleansing of the skin on a regular basis.

How to decide the frequency of deep cleaning?

The frequency of deep cleansing of the skin also needs to be paid attention to, and the frequency will vary according to the amount of oil produced by the skin.
According to the theory, the frequency of deep cleansing should be: oily skin > mixed skin > dry skin > sensitive skin
  • Oily skin: Once a week, oily skin produces a lot of oil, and the frequency of deep cleansing is the most frequent. Reduces the accumulation of grease and dust.
  • Combination skin: Once a week on the T-zone, once a month on the cheeks. Combination skin, oily T-zone, dry cheeks, such skin can clean the T-zone only once a week.
  • Dry skin: 15 days OR once a month, dry skin produces less oil, and the frequency of deep cleansing can be appropriately reduced.
  • Sensitive skin: depending on skin condition. Sensitive skin with a damaged skin barrier should use deep cleansing products with caution, but there is also a problem of oil accumulation. You can perform deep cleansing on the T zone when the skin is stable and healthy, and when you feel that the skin needs to be cleansed. Frequency should be less than for other skin types.
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