If you don’t use skin care for a long time, is your skin in good condition?

If you don’t use skin care for a long time, is your skin in good condition?

1. Look older than your peers

Skin aging is a natural evolutionary process. Although none of us can stop the pace of skin aging, we can slow down the speed of skin aging through skin care. If a person does not take care of skin for a long time, the skin will enter a state of premature aging, which will make you look older than your peers.

2. Skin becomes duller

If a person does not protect himself from skin care for a long time and does not wear sunscreen when going out, his skin will easily become dull under the strong ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, for a delicate little fairy, if she wants to have fair, supple and good skin, she must take good sun protection.

3. Prone to wrinkles

Due to the dry weather, the skin surface loses moisture too quickly, and the skin is easily in a state of dehydration. If you never take care of your skin and don't use skin care products, your skin will develop fine lines due to dryness, resulting in poor skin condition.

4. Explosive acne, large pores

In fact, the skin secretes a lot of oil every day, and dirt such as dust in the air will easily accumulate in the pores. If you never take skin care seriously, then the dirt deep in your pores will not be cleaned up in time. Over time, these accumulated dirt will expand the pores, and in severe cases, acne will appear.
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