How to survive the spring season safely?

How to survive the spring season safely?

The skin is very fragile during the changing seasons. If it is not properly protected, the skin will be dehydrated and dry, the makeup will not fit well, and the skin will be red and allergic. But how to get through this season safely?

1. Wash your face with warm water

Hot water can easily enlarge the pores and destroy the sebum membrane on the face, which can cause allergies. Of course, you can't wash your face with cold water. Because the skin is in a sensitive state, whether the temperature of the washing water is too high or too low, it will cause adverse irritation to the skin, so it is best to wash your face with warm water.

2. Moderately clean the skin

Due to seasonal reasons, the skin is prone to dryness and lack of water in spring, and overdry skin is more prone to allergies, while excessive cleaning will make the skin drier, which in disguise increases the chance of skin allergies. Therefore, when washing your face in spring, you must be gentle and moderately clean. It is enough to ensure the normal metabolism of cutin.

3. Do a lot of moisturizing work

The most important function of moisturizing is to maintain the skin's natural barrier and enable the skin to perform its normal functions. It is also an important skill to prevent spring allergy. As long as the water is sufficient, the skin can metabolize normally, thus increasing the natural resistance of the skin, and the sensitive phenomenon will naturally disappear.

4. Do a good job of protection

In spring, the temperature changes greatly, the ultraviolet radiation is strong, and the spring breeze tends to make the skin dry and dehydrated and darken, pollen, cotton wool, etc. will have adverse effects on the skin. Therefore, before going out, you must take adequate protective measures, do a good job of replenishing water, wear masks, sunglasses, etc., and do a good job of sun protection.
How to avoid Chun Min?
1. Start from the internal cause: strengthen the skin barrier
(1) Stimulate oil secretion, stimulate the skin's own secretion through exercise, massage, hot compress, etc.
(2) Through the use of daily skin care and facial masks, cell nutrition is enhanced and a protective film is formed. Use a richer product for extra hydration.
(3) About cleaning - dry sensitive skin: gentle cleansing, reduce the number of cleansing; oily mixed skin: Properly extend the cleaning time on the T-shaped part with more oil.
2. Start with external factors: avoid stimulating environment and allergens
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